Updates on 100 Wishes!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 9:42 AM by Belle Bedazzled

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1. Lost my weight at least 10kg. Intend to Balance my BMI, Blood Pressure and maintain my curves!! Yeahh..
2. Practically to wake up early in the morning everyday. Before the sunrise.
3. Go to the Concert of my fav’s Singer/band.
4. Collecting at least 100 of Love Story Novels.
5. Chill out with new friends. Who I met in the social network.
6. Go vacation with my besties!! Urgh I need it so bad!!
7. Have a valid driving license. B2 & D
8. Browsing and reading books at Johor State Library (Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Johor)
9. Involve in wedding photoshoot. Woot..Woot.
10. Go to PhotoEditing and PhotoShoot Classes
11. Get necklace with my name on it 5 sets (i.Mia ii.Mira iii. Asrah iv. Tengku Amirah v. Belle)
12. STOP eating FAST FOOD until my weight reached its balanced.
13. Shopping on my own without any disturb. I wanna buy anything I want.
14. Wanna try ICE SKATING!!
15. Play SNOW BALL..Real one..which is falling from the Sky..
16. Learn new Languages.
17. Learn sign languages and communicate with people.
18. Do Word Puzzles once a day.
19. Walking down the beach and get a peace for myself.
20. Pampered myself. Go to SPA, Manicure and Pedicure.
21. Sign-Up at Gym classes.
22. Sew baju kurung. So that after this no need to tempah luar.
23. Do online business. (Haven’t decide yet)
24. Create my own BEDAZZLED on a tee. Put lots of diamond Bling-Bling on it.
25. Sleep in water bed. Whossh..Whoosh..
26. Buy a house.
27. Deco my castle (house) with IKEA furniture and Stuff. Huh!! Madly in love with IKEA.
28. Present on TWO PLACE in ONE TIME.
29. Cook more often.
30. Prepare the dishes for big event like KENDURI. From A-Z process.
31. Sleep-over at the beach. Without planning.
32. Go around MALAYSIA.
33. BRUNEI DARUSSALAM I’ll come to you one day huh.
34. Control my ANGER. Need the ANGER MANAGEMENT meditation.
35. Be a lady! Who speak Softly, Politely with a good attitude and etiquette?
36. Candle light dinner and dance on the dance floor.
37. Learn HipHop/R&B/Street Style Dance!!
38. Design my own wedding dress and my wedding day.
39. Get proposed by HIM on my Birthday.
40. Celebrate my birthday on a Cruise with my love and closest friends.
41. Collecting 365 handbags, Shoes, Cloths, Watches and all-wearing accessories so that I’ll neva get confused what to wear every day.
42. Hangout to all states in Malaysia and capture the awesome images day & night.
43. MOVIE Marathon. Been in a Movie Theatre for the whole day. A movie to another.
44. SHOPPING spot CHINA! Splurge the chance and drown in the city. Yeaaah!!
45. BBQ & STEAMBOAT feast with my Gossip Girl!! Hahaha..
46. Ride Scrambler!! Yeaah..
47. Bettle Bug!! ..New One/Old Skewl..huish..what the..argh..Shut Up and Drive!! Wink..wink!!
48. Forgive those peoples who HURTs me!
49. Wearing odd contact lenses.
50. Inspired People.
51. Be everyone best friends.
52. FUTSAL!!wanna rock the court again.
53. Join a Marathon. Running for charity.
54. Fly a KITE. BIG kite.
55. Fly in a HOT BALLOON!
56. Bungee Jumping with my love
57. Hop in CABLE CAR
58. Draw BATIK and process it for a souvenir
59. DRIVE from JB to…out of here lah..
60. Make more friends from ALL RACES.
61. Gardening and create my own LandScape.
62. Try out for Stewardess/FA Interview. (eVen I’m not tall enough)hahah
63. Fly in an airplane.
64. Sleep-over at 5-Star Hotel FOR FREE and enjoy the hospitality with friends! Will be so much fun Buli the hotel attendant! Haha..
65. Buy Lather Jacket and embroider my name on it.
66. Ride on ROLLER COASTER (5Times) in one day. (For sure my vomit will turn out so colourful)hahaha
67. SMILE always. Never show my BUNKFACE anymore. ^^,
69. Control my sensitivity and emotion in front of my love one.
70. Spend time with my love, take more pictures and make a Pictures Diary for the journey of our relationship.
71. Be more understanding towards any situation.
72. Stop STALKING my boyfriend.
73. Swimming twice a month!!
74. Grow my hair. Make it growth healthy till my butt!! Hahahaha..
75. Treat my family, go vacation!
76. I wish I had someone that could be my BEST..BEST..BEST buddy who makes me SMILE all the time.
77. Library of Congress!! Ouh makes my jaw drop!! Want to go there.
78. Have Wings to FLY away..(metaphor of getting my own freedom)
79. Continue my Studies to Degree level.
80. Ride on JETSKI!
81. Watch FOOTBALL MATCH! LIVE..and get the ball that has been kicked out from the field.
82. Collecting PERFUMES that will make the GUYS fallen for it..(Mean Girl..hihiihii)
83. Buy my own Laptop from my own pocket money.
84. Cook Tom Yum Goong!!
85. Singing a song with an unplugged instrument. (Play by others..) LIVE!
86. Drown in the heart of Big Apple.. NEW YORK CITY!
87. Goldcoast…honeymoon with…love one! (^^,)
88. Watch Cartoon 24/7!
89. Have my paycheck written on it = RM 10,000.00.
90. Open my own Kopitiam!
91. Have my own labels (Fashion Apparel)
93. HAVE KIDS! The more the merrier. (^^,)
94. Be faithful to my Husband and dedicate my self FOR HIM.
95. Love my FAMILY endlessness!
96. Be more Spiritual. In any ways of my life.
97. Find my perfect Match!
99. Have faith on my DESTINY.

100..Fullfill the 100 Wishes!!

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