Sunday, May 23, 2010 9:03 PM by Belle Bedazzled
This movie play by ROBERT PATT and EMILIE De RAVIN..
Ouh..teared me apart..
I'm drowning with this-kind of LOVE story..
I've watch it..ONCE!huhuhu
U should!! The romance will get you fly high up in the sky..
I wish I had HIM(My Sweet Robert Pattinson)..(obsessed with His character in this Film)
ouh...i'll cried..and cried (what the f) jangan berangan nak dapat BF cam dalam citer nih..
Heyy..nak p cari DVD cite ni la!!nak tgk puas-puas...(Sape yg ade DVD-Rip this movie beri padaku yeah)

2 Response to "REMEMBER ME"

  1. Zulfahmi Abidin Says:

    best ker cerite nie??tak pnah dgr pon...hahaa..dduk kolej lama sgt mcm nie la jadi nyer

  2. Belle Bedazzled Says:

    yup2..sangat best..(for me laa)
    tengok dulu baru komen..