what's happening pening-pening!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 4:58 PM by Belle Bedazzled
alaaahai kegilaan memuncak...erk tady bgun siap2 g class..i'm taken maggi asam laksa for my lunch(ibu miss ur asam laksa)=(
...erk...about today to to list..eheee...

tuesday 24th February >
1.go to class

2.eat my lunch
---done + eat heavy meal for my hi-tea(ehek mane laa xbuntal)

3.do my laundry (uhu its been a week...hey but done all the lingeries)
-----soak already(baju berat2 ngan jeans n towel jerk gonna do dobby)

4.go to the library - borrow some books for the assignment
-------------done (soo heavy my bag rite now..currently now at cc surfing around net)

5.sleep on time..ehehehe....
--------------------coming soon(uhuuuu nantok daa...)

alhamdulillah i've already accomplish some of my simple duty..looking forward to change more in terms to be a better person by time to time....


3 Response to "what's happening pening-pening!!!"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    hey dear..i already change my url..

    da bgtw k blm ye..lupe la..hehe

  2. Cik.Nad Says:


  3. AzZa Says:

    hm..ko ske asam laksa ke???hm..ak plak asam pedas!!terbaik pye..hehe