i'm hurting myself

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 5:14 AM by Belle Bedazzled
the time shows that 5.15am already...me still awake...my body getting tired and so weak...hey girl, you have class this morning start on 8am...huh..drive myself crazy...this is all because do the stupid things that might have some good result at the end..hehehehe...updates my blog..change here and there..urgh!!my english getting worst...uhuuu..soooo exhausted...nothing much to say...

boyfriend : OK
bestfriends: ..oklaa..no probs...
grouping: up and down(uhu i'm not done with my task..so that's why laa..)
individual assignment: still searching(instead now i'm blogging...ahakz)

to do list for today;

tuesday 24th February >
1.go to class
2.eat my lunch
3.do my laundry (uhu its been a week...hey but done all the lingeries)
4.go to the library - borrow some books for the assignment
5.sleep on time..ehehehe....

let's pray that i keep my to do list and make it happen today..
eliminate your laziness my dear...(ddc8 to didi uhuuu - the eliminate's tagline only daa)
let the day begin...May Allah bless me...

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