UiTM Segamat (^_^)

Thursday, July 30, 2009 8:46 AM by Belle Bedazzled
Yesterday i went back to my university (UiTM Segamat diHatiku)..
CLEARANCE and clarified status as graduated and completed my studies there..
I'm so thrilled to meet 'The Gangs' = Yna,Maz,D,Ezy and Aien..(Luv ya all!!missed ya already) Muaaahhhhxsss...xoxo...

Everything went smoothly without any barriers or probe...Alhamdulillah...
Also take some copies of Mini Transkrip for future use before the graduation day..
(but dapat yang lopek pnye print atas kertas A4 je..kdekut btul la HEA Sgamat neh)
Have some chit-chat with En. Halim (Coach) and Pn. Diana (Lecturer) and MIP a.k.a En. Ismail (Lecturer) ...heard bad news and good news about other lecturer from them..Miss Rabia accident and Puan Azura got baby boy!!uhuuuu..isk..isk..isk...

Its been a hectic day...my foot getting bengkak already cuz gatal sangat pakai heels...ngeeehehe...abis tuh dah takde kasot lain...cuz smlam kerja half day...pas keje tros grak g bas stand...

Penat Tapi Syok!!Jmpe teman-teman
Kepada kengkawan UiTM Johor, Sile la buat clearance!!
Supaya Diploma "kome" smua tidak DiTAHAN =P

3 Response to "UiTM Segamat (^_^)"

  1. ezy yan Says:

    psl trnskrip tu...bkn segamat jer yg lokek ea..mne2 pown... ak wt kt s.alam pn same jerk...huhu... tp musykil ar...cne maz bley dpt yg cantik...isk..isk..isk..

  2. ini aku. Says:

    aku pegi esoq nye. nmpak nama kau kat buku kat upk tu. huu.

  3. AzZa Says:

    hehe asrah aku x wt clerence lg la...tkt nk g sne...